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This month, we celebrate World Voice day on April 16. In fact, the Australian branch is celebrating for a whole month. This year’s theme is “Be kind to your voice”.

The kindest thing you can do for your voice is be truly grateful for it. Speak kindly about it, and believe in it.

Often we forget to treat our voices with the kindness it deserves. There are many reasons why – whether you have nervous butterflies when someone asks you to sing, having a demanding job that spoils your voice or horror of horror, your voice fails! If you’re experiencing any of these problems, know that you’re not alone. Help can be found, and changes can be made.

Being kind to your voice is easier than you think. Drinking water and regular sleep are the simplest ways to be kind to your voice. Vocal warm up and using proper breath control to project your voice when speaking and singing are important habits to maintain your voice health. These habits, along with a greater awareness of your voice are some of the benefits you will find during your singing lessons.

Over the years as a singing teacher in Sydney, I have helped many students to get to know their own voices and ultimately open them for others to hear and appreciate. And in my practice singers come from many walks of life.

Performing at the mid-year singing concert

Celine is an Executive at Westpac. She has a goal to learn singing and audition for some of Sydney’s elite choral groups. “I think training your voice actually changes your brain, says Celine. It changes the way your nerves operate, making them quicker and more alert.” Communication is very important in Celine’s job. “Since I began having singing lessons with Kathleen, my awareness of voice has grown – not only to strengthen my speaking voice at work, but also to listen and hear more when a person speaks: their emotion, their expectations and their care.”


Singing has also contributed to many of my students’ wellbeing. For Nick, who works as a digital marketer, singing is a good way to let his emotions out. “It allows me to be vulnerable in a way that I’m just not in my everyday life …” As for Jonathan, singing brings him to a place where “the rest of the world, all the worries just melt away and I’ve just got that song”.

So, be kind to your voice today. To find out how, please get in touch.

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