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Choosing Your Singing Teacher

Learning singing is a wonderful expression of yourself and shows you want to master a skill improve your voice and sing many songs.

       Knowledge about teaching singing has taken quantum leaps in recent times and
the” art of singing is no longer shrouded in mystery, mythology and subjectivity”

(Scott McCoy, Author of Your Voice: An Insider View)

       Choosing a trustworthy singing teacher to help you achieve your goals needs a little research from you, and here are some suggestions to get you thinking.

Who Am I Looking For?

Your worthwhile singing teacher has easy access to information about anatomy, breathing techniques, diagnosing singing problems and appropriate repertoire for your level and style, and will be able to advise you where your voice needs strengthening. A good place to start your search is the ANATS website which is a professional association of teachers of singing.

Specialist singing teachers are individuals who have rich experiences and knowledge, coupled with extensive teaching practice to share with you. Often singing teachers qualified in vocal pedagogy have a network of specialists such as speech therapists, ENT’s, allied health workers, and of course, musicians.

What Can I Expect?

Being comfortable with your singing teacher is very important. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and an attentive singing teacher will welcome curious singers and offer a variety of ways of learning.

Your aim in developing vocal versatility is to become an independent singer with a tool box of techniques.

Your singing teacher will explain the purpose of exercises for your individual needs and monitor your progress, in an encouraging and purposeful manner.


How do I find out?

An organized singing teacher will have fees, policies and procedures that reflect their years of experience and practice.

Singing teachers often have a website you can check out.  A friend or your potential singing teacher may even allow you to sit in on a lesson in order for you to know what to expect.

An introductory lesson is a useful starter and short blocks of lessons may assist your budgeting. Keep in mind singing is a skill you want to master and time is needed to develop the techniques that enhance your singing.

Start you Search

A valuable singing teacher, even one who sings different repertoire from you, will help diagnose your vocal strengths and weaknesses, recommend strategies for mastering your instrument and will be in harmony with your individual music goals.

Choosing a singing teacher for your needs takes some investigation and knowing what you are looking for helps.

Are you looking for a worthwhile, thoughtful and experienced singing teacher in whom you can build a trustful relationship?



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