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Keep your flame for singing alive
Zoom, FaceTime or Skype
Online Singing lessons to lighten our dark times

Singing is directly related to your immune system, and builds your mental health capacity by encouraging feel good chemicals known as endorphins. 
During this difficult time I want you to keep singing and with online lessons together we can bring my dedication and expertise in singing training directly to your passion.

Lesson via Zoom, Skype and Facetime.

Contact me here or here to book a lesson.

Regular singing practice is part of your learning, a reinforcement of what we cover in our singing lessons

Current lockdown restrictions need not disrupt your singing progress, as many of my students are discovering:

“Being able to continue my lessons online has made things easy to keep the momentum of my progress going. It’s a bit different, but Kathleen still hears what my body is doing, or NOT doing and helps me correct it.”


Concerns regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)? 

Your confidence in my teaching is hard earned. I am able to offer lessons via skype or zoom so that my students do not halt their progress.

Lessons online can be great and you will learn lots about your singing and improve your ear training.

Training face to face is a gold star approach but you will quickly adjust to learning online.

During this time I would like to offer 30 minute online lessons at the special price of $60.00.

Contact me here. 

Kathleen Connell is a Sydney-based singing teacher and vocal coach who trains both aspiring and accomplished singers in technique and vocal skills. She is an active member of ANATS, a writer and PhD candidate at Griffith University.

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