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Q?I want to pursue a career in singing. Can you help me achieve this?

Kathleen’s singing tuition is based on developing a strong technique and she uses a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching singing and has the detailed knowledge to assist without overwhelming her students. Past students have had good results in auditions and competitions, giving them a platform to launch or renew their singing careers.

Q?I’m studying music for my HSC, can you help me get good results?

Kathleen is familiar with the HSC music curriculum and has a great record in assisting students achieve high level results in the HSC both in the general range accomplishment and advanced level of Music 2 and extension.

Q?Is it important to choose a singing teacher with the same style of voice as me?

The main thing to look out for when choosing a singing teacher is to find someone who is trained in the teaching of singing (otherwise known as vocal pedagogy). Kathleen has postgraduate qualifications in teaching the art and craft of singing and works successfully with students across a range of voices and singing styles.

Q?I want to be a rock singer, can you help?

Whilst Kathleen teaches a range of singing styles, she is unable to assist with heavy rock screaming styles.

Q?I’m told I have some bad habits with my singing technique, can you correct them?

Kathleen has worked with many students across a myriad of styles, vocal and health needs and they have learnt to love their voices, let them grow naturally and trained the many parts of their voice needed to sing freely, warmly and securely and importantly musically. Through consultation she can help you correct your technique and assist you in training you to use your voice correctly.

Q?My child is showing a talent for singing, can you help nurture this talent?

Generally Kathleen doesn’t teach very young children, however if your child is above the age of 12 she’d be happy to assess him/her and discuss his/her potential.

Q?How many singing lessons will I need?

The number of lessons is entirely dependent on your singing goals…

Q?How often do I need to practice?

Practice and performing vocal exercises is essential to developing your voice. At the end of each lesson Kathleen will set you ‘homework’ to help you to continue to grow as a singer between lessons.

Q?Do you conduct group lessons?

Kathleen frequently works with groups including eisteddfod societies, schools or organisations looking for singing masterclass teachers.

Q?How do you develop a singing program for me?

Each singing student is individually assessed and specific needs discussed as well as a plan of action for improvement, repair if needed, specified styles and repertoire based around experience, age and singing goals.

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