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Performing can be a daunting prospect, especially for the first time, yet most singers find the sense of achievement and learning outcomes outweigh the nerves.

Jasmin performed for the first time at our mid-year concert and while she was a little apprehensive, a warm-up prior to the concert proved to be a successful strategy.

“I warmed up for an hour in the morning so I could forget about technique and just cope with anything new that would hit me when I arrived, like the culture of the audience,” she said.

Yet it wasn’t all smooth sailing, with Jasmin finding it a challenge to connect with the emotion of her first song. “I knew my voice would be fine, I just found it difficult to convey an emotion due to nerves.

“I felt a lot more relaxed during the second performance because I had already performed and I felt more of a connection with the second song. It was easier to connect to an emotion and transfer it to the moment.

“After the performance, I felt a great sense of achievement with my voice goals.”

When is your next opportunity to sing in front of an audience?

Thanks to Mark from Flute Tree & The Woodwind Group for the following amazing photo gallery:

Adwin sings at Kathleen Connell's mid-year concert Eugenia sings at Kathleen Connell's mid-year concert Summer sings at Kathleen Connell's mid-year concert

Ray belts out a tune at our mid-year concert One of the 13 performers at out mid-year singing concert A duet at the mid-year singing concert Owen singing and playing his acoustic guitar Another performer at the mid-year singing concert Performing at the mid-year singing concert

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